Windows Azure Announcements at TechEd North America

clip_image001533This is a simple link to another blog, but I thought it very worthwhile to direct you there.  If you were interested in a great summary with links to greater details all about the Windows Azure platform-area announcements that were made last week at TechEd North America 2011, you’ll find them on Eric Nelson’s excellent blog post – HERE  (I love their blog template, too.  Cool look of torn paper.)

“Hey Kevin.. speaking of TechEd… when are you going to complete your diary?  You stopped after Day 2!”

Yeah.. about that.  I got really busy.  The week of TechEd involves a lot of time spent away from the hotel room.. and when you are there, you need to sleep.  (At least this old guy does.)  I do have lots of photos and some good stories to share, and I promise I will get to them soon.  I’m also compiling a quick video-diary-summary of some of the fun events also.  Please be patient.

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