Cloud on Your Terms Part 26 of 30: Office 365 will not get you fired

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Are you concerned that the cloud will eat your job?  Perhaps.  Every time there is a shift in how things are done based on improvements in technology or new options for efficiency, economics, scale… there is always someone crying foul.  Or probably more appropriately, they’re worrying about what it means for their current situation.  And that’s quite understandable.  If you’re the guy responsible for buggy whip holders when the “Horseless Carriage” catches on, you eventually realize that your role is going to have to change a bit. 

In Part 26 of our cloud series, Matt Hester discusses this issue, and does so in the context of one of Microsoft’s software-as-a-service solutions: Office 365

Check out his post HERE.

And if you have missed any of the series posts, check out my summary post for links to all of the articles available so far at

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