Cloud on Your Terms Part 30 of 30: Certification Tips To Get Your Career Ready For The Cloud

Evaluation downloads!  Get 'em fresh!It’s the end of the month, and the last of our 30 days of cloudy goodness is here!  In today’s blog post, one of the most genuinely certifiable gentlemen I know, Brian Lewis, points you to some resources to help you get on track for cloud readiness.  And by you, I mean YOU.  You need to have the proven skills to work with these new technologies, and we can help you get there.

Read part 30 of 30 HERE.

I sincerely hope you’ve found our work on this series useful.  I know I speak for all four of us (John Weston, Brian Lewis, Matt Hester, and I) when I say: If you’ve enjoyed these blog posts just half as much as we’ve enjoyed doing them… then we’ve enjoyed them twice as much as you.

“Way to sneak an obscure Monty Python reference in there, Kevin.”

Yeah.. so sue me.  I’m a huge fan. Smile

And it’s not too late.  If you have missed any of the series posts, check out my summary post for links to all of the articles available so far at

Go forth and be cloudy!

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