Hyper-V Networking in Windows Server “8”: The Extensible Switch (So Many Questions. So Little Time. Part 10.)

Brett B. asked the following question at our TechNet event in Saint Louis a few weeks ago:

“Does Microsoft plan to implement a distributed virtual switch like VMware?”

Time to switch to Hyper-V.  (Get it?  Switch?!  I kill me...)And the answer is yes.  And no.  Not LIKE VMware.  Better.

For this answer I am going to defer to this excellent post on the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform Blog introducing the Hyper-V Extensible Switch.

If you read through this, you’ll see that not only are we working with Cisco, but we’ve designed it as an open platform that others have the ability to plug-into as well.

Here is Cisco’s announcement and plans for their support.  And here is the recorded session from the //BUILD conference entitled “Extending the Hyper-V Switch”

(A search on Bing for Hyper-V + Extensible + Switch will also bring you some good results.)

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