Which SCOM Should We Install? (So many questions. So little time. Part 18.)

In Saint Louis a few weeks ago at our TechNet Event, John B asked us:

Download the release candidate of System Center 2012 here!“We are only running System Center Configuration Manager 2008 and now want to run SCOM.  Should we install 2008 or 2012?”

Well, first off, John.. that’s a pretty cool trick that you have SCCM 2008 while the rest of the world is on SCCM 2007 R3 or older.  (Is that SCCM for Mac?)  Maybe you have some connections that the rest of us only wish we had.  (Same for SCOM, which is currently 2007 R2.)

But enough abusing you.  Let’s address your question.  I guess at this point, if it were me, I would wait.  You have to put a price on how much it’s worth it to you to get the current version installed and configured, plus then doing the migration later, when the time for the release of the next version is drawing closer and closer.

“How close?”

I don’t know exact details on release date.  But the fact that you’ve got the Release Candidate in your hands; plus the new licensing and pricing have been announced.. so it should only be a matter of a few months at most.  So, sure, you could install SCOM 2007 R2 now, and if you have it under Software Assurance you’ll be able to upgrade to System Center 2012; but you’ll still have to perform the upgrade

So… Do you install the Operations Manager release candidate now? 


Do you use it in production?

NO.  Oh sure, you can; but it’s not supported until after it becomes generally available.  And you’d have to go through the process of upgrading your RC installations to the RTM versions.  Install it – but do it in a virtualized test lab (or an actual physical test lab, if you’re made of money**) and work with it there first.

**in which case, I’ve got a resume’ I’d like to send you.

Have any of you been using the 2012 Operations Manager in production?  Am I crazy telling John that he should wait?  We’d love to hear  your experiences, opinions, or cheap pot-shots.  Put them in the comments!

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