BREAKING NEWS: Windows Server 8 Beta is now AVAILABLE!

Finally!  After the long wait, and expectation growing as the day approached, we are finally able to announce to the world that the Beta of the next version of Windows Server, currently codename: Windows Server “8”, is now available for download.

Download the Beta here!

From the download page:

Windows Server “8” is the broadest, most scalable and elastic platform for web and applications. Its consistent, open set of tools and frameworks give developers the flexibility to build and deploy applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid environment. Windows Server “8” will empower you to deliver:

  • Flexibility to build on-premises and in the cloud: Developers can use the same languages and tools to build on-premises and cloud applications, allowing them to build applications that use distributed and temporally decoupled components.
  • An open web platform: Windows Server “8”, combined with Internet Information Services (IIS), offers a solid platform for both open-source web stacks and ASP.NET, opening up a wide range of choices for application development.
  • A scalable and elastic web platform: Hosting providers can use new features in Windows Server “8” to increase density, simplify management, and achieve higher scalability in a shared web-hosting environment.

Need more information? See the product details page.

Click the photo of the handsome IT Pro above to go to the download page, or click

“Wait.. aren’t all IT Pros handsome, Kevin?”

You’re right.  That was redundant.  And the girls are all pretty.

And in case you haven’t yet downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (the desktop/laptop/tablet OS), you can get it HERE as of yesterday:

Have you tried it out yet?  What do you think?  Share your experiences in the comments!

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