What does AVIcode do? (So many questions. So little time. Part 20.)

In Saint Louis at our TechNet Event several weeks ago now, Chuck S. asked about AVIcode

“App Insight – performance data?  Component timing?  Event Logs?  Database events?  (what is tracked in AVIcode?)”

This guy is evaluating System Center 2012.  Why aren't you?That is a very good question. 

For those of you not already aware of what AVIcode is; it is a product that enables “deep application insight”.  Working in concert with Operations Manager, it monitors .NET application performance.  It looks for code problems, performance issues, security, and connectivity of application components, and then through Operations Manager it alerts you if there is an issue.  And once found, it even lets you drill down into the details of what it found.  What part of my app is performing badly?  Where was that error?  In fact.. show me right down to the very line of code that caused the problem.  In a “Dev-Ops” world, where the Developer blames the datacenter, the datacenter blames the Developer, and the App Ops person isn’t sure who to believe.. now the App owner can better determine who to bring the problem to, with solid data to support what they’ve found. 

“That sounds great, Kevin.  But is this a product that works only with Operations Manager 2007 R2, or will it work with the new System Center 2012 Operations Manager, too?

The good news is that Microsoft is including the AVIcode functionality as a part of System Center 2012.  It’s no longer a separate purchase.

Read more about what AVIcode can specifically do and how it works on the AVIcode page.  It should be easy to find, because every mention of the name AVIcode in this post has a URL behind it.  Handy, eh?

And if you’re just interested in trying AVIcode with System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2, you can download the trial HERE.

What do you think?  Are you a party to the struggle that is trying to make DevOps work?  Will you consider AVIcode?  Give us a comment!

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