How many VMs can VMM M? (So many questions. So little time. Part 22.)

At our TechNet Event in Kansas City a couple of months ago, Travis asked:

“How many virtual machines can a single VMM instance manage?”

This guy is evaluating System Center 2012.  You should, too.That’s easy: As many as you want, and as your hardware can handle.

“But how many are supported?”

Ah.. well, that’s simply a matter of how many Microsoft was able to test and verify.  Currently the supported number is 400 virtualization hosts, and 8,000 virtual machines.  But that isn’t a hard-limit as far as what is possible given the proper hardware.  With the hardware that they had at the time, those were the numbers they decided they could officially support.

The Planning for Hosts and Host Groups article in TechNet has the details for SCVMM 2008, R2, and R2 w/SP1.

”Oh.. that was for SCVMM 2008?  What about the System Center 2012 version?”

I confess.. I wasn’t able to find any official statement on how many we support in the soon-coming version.  When I find that – or if you find it and let me know in the comments – I will update this post.

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