Free Global Event–24 Hours in a Private Cloud

24 Hours in a Private Cloud

Get yourself 5 of those “5 Hour Energy” drinks, set your alarm clock, and join the WORLD for this amazing opportunity to learn all about the Private Cloud solutions from Microsoft

Here’s the description from the registration page:

Every organization has the power to employ cloud technologies in their own way, at their own pace and with their own terms. The use of private cloud technologies help transform how organizations manage infrastructure resources, provision applications and automate services for their business. It also helps them leverage and manage public cloud services that expand their current infrastructure and application capabilities. As an end result, organizations increase IT operational agility, improved business focus and achieve value-add economics that evolves their IT infrastructure into a strategic asset.

Over 24 hours, you will hear from top industry and technical professionals from around the world to help you better understand the private cloud technology solutions that are available today. You will hear from industry organizations about how they view the public cloud and how the role of the IT Professional will evolve as more and more organizations begin a private cloud transformation. Listen to the number of technical professionals who will be on hand talking about the required components to simplify private cloud creation and management. Talk with them and your peers about the numerous operational efficiencies that come from deploying a private cloud with the reduction of servers and the benefits of provisioning and managing virtual applications across multiple platforms.

We hope that you will come away from this event with the knowledge and experience to help you in your private cloud infrastructure decisions and be prepared to have thought-leadership based discussions focused on building and managing your organization’s agile and efficient private cloud environment.

Event Start:   May 10, 2012 8:00AM GMT (that’s 4:00AM Eastern US, 1:00AM Pacific)
Event End:     May 11, 2012 8:00AM GMT (that’s 4:00AM Eastern US, 1:00AM Pacific)


One thought on “Free Global Event–24 Hours in a Private Cloud

  1. Hello,
    I attended this event and it was awesome. Great to see many people visit me in the GITCA Booth. For anyone who missed out, the site is still open for a further 90 days to look at the resources.
    For those who missed the live event this year, if this is done again, I recommend you make the time to attend.
    Michael Jenkin – APAC GITCA Chairman,


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