Dear TechEd Diary – June 8, 2012

TechEd twitter armySunday is the day!  My flight leaves MSP in the morning, and by mid-afternoon I hope to be lounging by my hotel pool.  That evening I’ll be attending the Krewe of TechEd opening part / Meet-n-Greet.

It’s been fun watching Twitter (#msteched) and the traffic of people who are also excited.  In fact, this year I plan on joining “the Twitter Army at TechEd 2012”.  You should, too.

I’ve also been seeing many posts and pointers to posts containing tips for first-time TechEd attendees.  Here are a few of them I’ve found:

TechEd 2012

And don’t forget the myTechEd Windows Phone App.

“Do you have any tips, Kevin?”

Actually.. I got this tip from my friend Harold Wong (who is also attending TechEd).  Whenever he goes to a conference like this, he packs old conference and vendor t-shirts that he is going to get rid of.  He assumes that his supply will be replenished at the show, so he wears old shirts and then throws them away to make room in his bag for the new ones.  I might do that with a few old shirts of my own.

“What else are you going to be doing at TechEd?”

I’m glad you asked.  I’ll be helping man a table at the Community Party.  I’ll also be hanging out in and might do some staff duty at the “Geek Lounge” (though they didn’t put me on the schedule, which I suppose means that my travel expenses are coming out of my own budget once again. Sad smile  Oh well.. I get to attend more breakouts!  Smile).  I’ll be sharing some more of these TechEd Diaries and TechEd Video Diaries

And I’m also going to be looking for people who are full of I.T. like me.


I’ve created 100 buttons that I’m going to hand out to people who are willing to talk to me on camera and share any and all reasons why they are “full of I.T.” 

Are you more full of I.T. than me?

I’ll post those videos here as well.  So.. find me at TechEd.  Tell me why you’re full of I.T.  Wear your button proudly.  Be FULL OF I.T.

“Will you be wearing that red ‘the Blog!’ t-shirt?”

I might…

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