Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Authentication and Access Architectures – 31 Days of Servers in the Cloud (Part 31 of 31)

Try Windows Azure FREE for 90 days!At last we have reached the end!  it’s been 31 straight days of what I hope you have found to be useful information; all about using Windows Azure as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service option for testing, training, and extending your datacenter.
If you’ve missed any, I highly recommend you look at and bookmark the “31 Days of Servers in the Cloud” page: what about authentication?  If I’m building a hybrid-cloud – which, in case you’re not familiar with it, is a company’s private cloud that spans beyond and into the public cloud domain – then how do I architect a solid solution for identity management, authentication, and authorization for my applications, services, and data?

Today, Ira Bell (via my friend Bob Hunt) describes in great detail several scenarios (six of them!) for authentication and access using Windows Azure.


Try Windows Azure free for 90 days

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