Active Directory Upgrade Implications – Migration and Deployment (Part 7 of 19)

Evaluation Downloads HERE“Can I upgrade to Windows Server 2012?”

Yes.  But it depends.

“On what?” what you’re upgrading from, and what your hardware supports.  But even if you don’t do an upgrade in place, a migration is completely do-able with the right tools.

“Expensive tools?”

FREE tools.  (

“And what if I’m upgrading an Active Directory domain controller?  What happens then?”

That’s the subject of Part 7 of our “Migration and Deployment” series this month.  My floridated friend (my buddy who lives in Florida) Blain Barton gives us all the details and resources.


What have you done to move to Windows Server?  Do you have any methods, tips, or tricks that have worked well for you?  Any “gotchas” that you’d like to share?  Please do!.. in the comments.

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