Windows Azure as a PaaS – Migration and Deployment (Part 11 of 19)

Waaay back in April of 2011 (remember my “Cloudy April” series?) I blogged about what Windows Azure could do for you as a Platform-as-a-Service (or PaaS – pronounced “PaaS”.  Not affiliated or to be confused with this popular Easter Egg Coloring company.) lot has happened to Windows Azure since then – and it’s all good stuff!  In part 11 of our 19-part “Migration and Deployment” series of articles, my phriend from Phoenix, Harold Wong, brings us up-to-speed with what Windows Azure does and how it supports a Platform for your scalable, dynamic, flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud-hosted applications, with a host of new and powerful features.


The bunny wants you to try Windows Azure FREE for 90 days!

Have you started your free 90-day trial of Windows Azure yet?  If not, why not? 

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