We Need to Lock These Down! – Migration and Deployment (Part 19 of 19)

Try Windows 8 with this evaluation downloadhttp://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/d1/inetpub/kevinremde/KROmniture.htmIt’s the end of February, and the end of what I hope you will agree was a very satisfying series of 19 “Migration and Deployment” articles by my teammates and me – the U.S. based IT Pro Technology Evangelists.

“So what’s the last topic?”

I’m glad you asked.  Now that you know (or have the resources to further learn) everything there is to know about deploying operating systems (client and server), deploying virtual machines and services, and deploying applications, you might finally wonder what kind of control you have over these applications you’ve deployed. 

“Yeah.. didn’t Microsoft have software restriction policies that could enforce limits on what can be installed or run?”

Exactly.  The most recent version was technology called AppLocker.  In Windows Vista and Windows 7 it allowed you to set those kinds of restrictions through Group Policy.  But what about the new Windows 8 applications?

“Yeah!  What about those?!”

Well, that’s what my friend Matt Hester writes about in this last, part 19, article in our series.


Did you enjoy the series?  Did you know that we have another series starting immediately?  Yep.  In March, you’re all going to become Microsoft Virtualization (and Hyper-V) experts.  …or at least well on your way there.

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