20+ Days of Server Virtualization – The Complete Series


Here it is!  The complete list of our “20+ Days of Server Virtualization” blog articles.  Through the month of March, I’ll be adding links, making any updates or changes.  So keep checking back for more, or keep watching my blog.  As before, I plan on adding my own blog post every day, either introducing the day’s topic, or providing the article myself.

Date Part # of 20 Title Author
1-Mar 0 Series Introduction – Become a Virtualization Expert Dan Stolts@ITProGuru
4-Mar 1 The Hyper-V Primer Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
5-Mar 2 You Want to Hot-Add What?! Kevin Remde@KevinRemde
6-Mar 3 Virtual Memory Management: Dynamic Memory-Much Different Than Memory Over Commit Dan Stolts@ITProGuru
7-Mar 4 Hyper-V “Datastores” – Wait we don’t need no stinkin’ datastores! Tommy Patterson@Tommy_Patterson
8-Mar 5 Virtualization Storage – Definitions Bob Hunt@bobhms
11-Mar 6 Virtualization Storage – SMB Bob Hunt@bobhms
12-Mar 7 Speaking iSCSI with Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
13-Mar 8 Step-by-Step: Storage Live Migration Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_ 
14-Mar 9 Virtualization Networking – Basics Tommy Patterson@Tommy_Patterson
15-Mar 10 Networking – NIC Teaming Harold Wong@HaroldWong
18-Mar 11 Virtualization for heterogeneous environments Chris Avis@chrisavis
19-Mar 12 Step-by-Step: High Availability – Live Migration Brian Lewis@BrianLewis_ 
20-Mar 13 Your Hyper-V Hosts and Clustering an Availability Story Matt Hester@matthewhester
21-Mar 14 High Availability – Guest Clustering Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
22-Mar 15 High Availability – Replication Yung Chou@yungchou
25-Mar 16 Performance Management – CPU Chris Avis@chrisavis
26-Mar 17 Performance Management – Memory Harold Wong@HaroldWong
27-Mar 18 Enterprise Management – Single Pane of Glass Tommy Patterson@Tommy_Patterson
28-Mar 19 Enterprise Management – App Controller Yung Chou@yungchou
29-Mar 20 Enterprise Management – Monitoring Matt Hester@matthewhester
11-Mar 21 DUDE! Where’s my VHDs? More PowerShell Tricks with Hyper-V Keith Mayer@KeithMayer
30-Mar 22 Hyper-V Replica Step-By-Step #VirtExpert Virtualization Experts Dan Stolts@ITProGuru
30-Mar 23 Management – Creating and Managing Snapshots Blain Barton@BlainBar
31-Mar 24a Hyper-V Live Part 1 of 2 Live Add Memory & Live Snapshot Merge Dan Stolts@ITProGuru
31-Mar 24b Hyper-V Live Part 2 of 2 Live Storage Migration, Multiple Live Migrations and Live Cluster Node Evacuations Dan Stolts@ITProGuru
31-Mar 25 Virtualization Landscape in a Heterogeneous World Dan Stolts@ITProGuru


As always, we sincerely hope that you find these resources useful!

2 thoughts on “20+ Days of Server Virtualization – The Complete Series

  1. Great resource, I had bookmarked this at one point, and the bookmark changed right around the 20th day, so I thought it was gone forever.  Amazing what the power of search engines can do…


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