FREE IT Camps Coming to a Location Near YOU! you, that is, if you live in any of the most major cities in the United States.


Our team of 11 Technical Evangelists (IT Pro Evangelists) are once again on the road and delivering live, FREE IT Camps for you!  We’re bringing you three very compelling topics:

  1. What’s new in System Center 2012 SP1, and how it makes it easier to extend your datacenter and private cloud into or onto hosters or even Windows Azure and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) virtual machines.
  2. How to upgrade from earlier versions of Windows Server to Windows Server 2012, and
  3. The best, easiest, most flexible way to deploy Windows 8 to your users.

Click here for the TechNet Events pageThe day starts with checkin and breakfast at 8:30am, with the presentations starting at 9:00am local time.  We’ll provide lunch, a prize drawing, and then an afternoon of hands-on-labs that you can take at your own pace.  The day wraps up whenever you want to leave, but we try to clear the room by 4:00 pm. (I have a plane to catch. Smile)

“Are there any requirements for my hardware, or setup for doing the labs?”

Yes indeed.  And this is important.  To participate in the afternoon hands-on lab session, you will need to bring your own computer (laptop preferred) with the following minimum configuration:

Recommended:Although wireless internet access will be available, you may find that bringing your own mobile connectivity (MiFi™, phone data tethering, etc.) will be desirable.

“Where are you going to be?”

Here’s a list of the coming events (sorted by State, and then by City), their dates, and links to the registration pages. 
Register early!  These tend to fill up quickly!

Tempe, AZ March 20, 2013
Irvine, CA March 27, 2013
Los Angeles, CA March 26, 2013
Mountain View, CA March 13, 2013
San Diego, CA March 28, 2013
San Francisco, CA March 14, 2013
Denver, CO April 4, 2013
Ft. Lauderdale, FL April 11, 2013
Tampa, FL April 18, 2013
Alpharetta, GA March 7, 2013
Alpharetta, GA April 30, 2013
Boise, ID April 2, 2013
Chicago, IL March 25, 2013
Chicago, IL March 26, 2013
Downers Grove, IL March 8, 2013
Indianapolis, IN March 13, 2013
Indianapolis, IN March 14, 2013
Kansas City, KS (Overland Park) March 20, 2013
Kansas City, KS (Overland Park) March 21, 2013
Cambridge, MA March 28, 2013
Cambridge, MA March 30, 2013
Chevy Chase, MD April 16, 2013
Southfield, MI April 10, 2013
Southfield, MI April 11, 2013
Minneapolis, MN (Edina) April 29, 2013
Minneapolis, MN (Edina) April 30, 2013
Saint Louis, MO (Creve Coeur)*** March 26, 2013
Saint Louis, MO (Creve Coeur) March 27, 2013
Charlotte, NC April 2, 2013
Durham, NC March 19, 2013
Omaha, NE March 12, 2013
Omaha, NE March 13, 2013
New York, NY March 12, 2013
New York, NY April 9, 2013
Rochester, NY March 13, 2013
Cincinnati, OH March 27, 2013
Cleveland, OH March 12, 2013
Columbus, OH April 4, 2013
Portland, OR March 21, 2013
Malvern, PA March 26, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA April 23, 2013
Nashville, TN April 23, 2013
Austin, TX March 6, 2013
Austin, TX March 8, 2013
Dallas, TX March 26, 2013
Dallas, TX March 27, 2013
Houston, TX April 16, 2013
Houston, TX April 17, 2013
Lehi, UT March 6, 2013
Glen Allen, VA March 21, 2013
Bellevue, WA March 19, 2013
Waukesha, WI March 20, 2013

***Update: Unfortunately we had to cancel the Saint Louis event on March 26th due to low registration.

“But Kevin, where are YOU going to be?  Which ones are you delivering?  I’d travel a great distance just to see you!”

Aww.. you’re too kind.  I’ve highlighted them for you.  I’ll be in Omaha next week, and then Kansas City (Overland Park), Saint Louis (Creve Coeur), and Minneapolis (Edina).

See you there!

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