High Availability and Live Migrations: 20+ Days of Server Virtualization (Part 12)

The ultimate Live MigrationIf you’re a VMware user, you’re probably familiar with the “vMotion” capability; moving a live, running virtual machine from one host to another.  Until recently, that move had to take place among and between clustered hosts, but recently Microsoft Hyper-V (and later VMware in vSphere 5) allowed the live moving of virtual machines without clusters.

Still, clustering is valuable for high availability.  I want some mechanism to detect when a host is having problems, and have machines move or re-started on another virtualization host automagically.

In part 12 of March’s “20+ Days of Server Virtualization” series, my Milwaukeen friend Brian Lewis gives us a step-by-step on how to configure high availability using Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, and NO ADDITIONAL COST*.


“Hey Kevin – you’re posting about articles that were released in March?  It’s April.  Where have you been?”

Ah, you caught that, did you?  It’s been a crazy few weeks of travel, delivering IT Camps, a family vacation to Nashville, TN (which we loved!), and an Azure Bootcamp.  So, I’ll be playing catch-up over the next week or two.  You have been warned. 

* Take that, VMware. Smile

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