The Replica Broker: 20+ Days of Server Virtualization (Part 15)

FREE Hyper-V Server also supports Hyper-V ReplicaBack in October of last year, in Part 5 of our “31 Days of our Favorite Things” series, I wrote about Hyper-V Replica.  “With Hyper-V Replica you can easily create and maintain an off-line copy – a replica – of a virtual machine on a separate virtualization host.  This means, for example, that if your main location or host for an important virtual machine goes down becomes unavailable, you can easily fail-over to the replica.”“Is it necessary to use quotes if you’re just quoting yourself?”

I don’t know.  Better safe than sorry.  I don’t want to get into trouble with myself.

Anyway, when using Hyper-V Replica capability in a clustered set of virtualization hosts, there is an additional consideration: Where does the replica come from?  Where does it go to?

What I mean is – a set of virtual machines running on clustered hosts could be running on any of those hosts at any given time.  So how do I refer to the cluster, whether as the source or destination of the replication, as an individual entity?

The answer: The Replica Broker.

In part 15 of our “20+ Days of Server Virtualization”, my friend Yung Chou gives us a great rundown of what the Replica Broker is, what it does, and how to configure it for using Hyper-V Replica in a clustered environment.


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