NEW SERIES: TechEd 2013 Favorites

Nawlins! introduction…

I begin this post as I’m sitting at the gate in Minneapolis, waiting to board.  I’ll finish it while I’m flying south.  My name is Kevin, and I’m huge TechEd fan.

“Hi, Kevin!”


I’m being joined at TechEd once again by several thousand of my closest friends, and also a few coworkers (even closer friends).  And since TechEd is the highlight of our busy, geeky lives, the four of us (Brian Lewis, Keith Mayer, Matt Hester and I) decided it would be fun (and hopefully useful to you) if we created a series of blog articles around our impressions of TechEd in this year 2013.  What did we learn?  Who did we see?  What will you find most interesting that was announced?  What did we have to eat?  Did we actually make it back to the hotel?, etc…

Here is my link to the complete list of series posts, which will be updated through the month of June: “TechEd 2013 Favorites

So… if you’re not able to make it to TechEd this year, we hope that these articles will be yet another way that you can keep tabs on what’s new and exciting coming out of Microsoft.

And if you’ll be joining us at TechEd, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or look for us in the Exhibit Hall.  And if you follow us on Twitter (and me on Foursquare, too), I’m sure we won’t be hard to track down, either.

Brian Lewis: @BrianLewis_

Keith Mayer: @KeithMayer

Matt Hester: @MatthewHester 

Kevin (me) Remde: @KevinRemde  (and FourSquare:

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