VMware or Microsoft?–How much downtime is too much?


Zero downtime.  Zero cost.  PRICELESS.“Any downtime is too much.  I want none.  ZERO downtime.”

Of course you do.  We all do.  But that sometimes comes at a cost.  And by cost, I mean actual money.  Dollars and cents.  Do-rey-mi.  $$$

But Microsoft gives you the ability to patch your virtualization foundation for FREE.  (That’s another big zero, folks.)  So, even in a Windows Failover cluster of 64 virtualization host-nodes running up to 8000 virtual machines, you easily launch a Cluster-Aware Update.

“Wow.. And am I right in assuming that this update will automatically move VMs around so that there is no downtime?”

Right you are.

“And how does that work?”

Well, in today’s article in our “VMware or Microsoft?” series, my friend Keith Mayer discusses that very thing.  So I strongly suggest that you READ HIS EXCELLENT ARTICLE HERE.

So to summarize; using Hyper-V for virtualization results in this:

Zero downtime + Zero additional Cost = PRICELESS

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