VMware or Microsoft?–Not All Memory Management is Equal

http://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/d1/inetpub/kevinremde/KROmniture.htmDan Stolts - the IT Pro GuruIn the context of virtualization and virtual machines, I think it’s safe to say that memory management is important.  Efficiently allocating and/or recovering memory to/from virtual machines addresses several important questions, such as:

  1. How many virtual machines can I run on this physical host?
  2. How efficiently can my machines run if some of them need more memory than others?  And what if that need for additional memory is just temporary or occasional? 
  3. What happens if, in the worst case, I have to force more virtual machines to keep running on a physical host that doesn’t actually have the physical memory that these machines all require at the same time?

Smart Memory management for virtual machines helps to address those problems.  And of course, VMware (in vSphere) and Microsoft (in Hyper-V) tackle them in very interesting ways.  And some of those ways are more useful than others.

In today’s article in our “VMware or Microsoft?” series, my friend Dan “IT Pro Guru” Stolts gives us a great rundown of how memory management works in Hyper-V, and then compares and contrasts it to how it works in vSphere


Happy Labor Day!

“Hey Kevin, why are you working today?  Isn’t it a holiday?”

I’m not working today.  I’ve set up this article to publish (go live) today.  I wrote this on Sunday, so that’s okay.  Smile with tongue out

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