Windows Azure IaaS and File Security (So many questions. So little time. Part 53.) the context of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services and our IT Camp in Saint Louis a few weeks ago, Lettie asked this question:

Sign up for the Azure trial“If we had one large storage pool and added individual user folders, do we have the ability to setup file security access to each individual user folder? Is there the ability to limit a user’s folder size? We need a better backup solution for our 800+ remote users.”

In order to answer this one, I have to make an assumption about the specific topic it relates to.  So I’ll answer this question in two ways.

If you’re wondering (and I think you are) about whether or not ACLs can be assigned to or sizes restricted for containers within Windows Azure storage accounts, the answer is no. 

But another thing to remember is that a network of virtual machines in Windows Azure can be treated as just another subnet in your corporate network.  And if your users connect via VPN or Direct Access to your network, they’ll have access to the servers “in the cloud”.  Those servers “in the cloud” can be hosting file services, with Storage Spaces storage pools and virtual disks containing user documents.  As long as those file servers are domain joined, you can easily add ACLs to those folders. 

I’m only giving you one of what could likely be dozens of solutions out there.  If you’re reading this and have other recommendations for Lettie and her company, please share them in the comments.

One thought on “Windows Azure IaaS and File Security (So many questions. So little time. Part 53.)

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    Keep it up. Nice Work.


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