Help Shape Microsoft’s Cloud Technologies: Join the IT Pro User Panel

These are IT Pros? Professionals: Have you ever been deep in the guts of a gnarly infrastructure deployment, automation, configuration, trouble-shooting or similar task, and thought to yourself something like this:

“Why didn’t that darn product team at Microsoft make this tool work better, more like what I need it to do?”

If you see yourself in this story, we have an opportunity for you!

The Windows Server System Center design and development team is looking for IT Pros with knowledge & experience in all aspects of infrastructure and services management. We need to know how to make Microsoft technologies supporting these scenarios work better for you.

IT Pros like you with these specialized knowledge and skills are hard to find, so we’ll make it worth your while. Here’s what you get from participating in the panel:

1. Opportunities to influence WSSC design and development in areas such as

  • Prioritizing tool capabilities (What do you need MOST in these tools and technologies?)
  • User interaction (How would you expect this to work?)
  • User interface design (Does this wording or picture, etc. make sense to you? Can you suggest something better?)

2. A thank you gift!  After participating in a study, you’ll have the option of selecting from a list of Microsoft software, hardware, games, and more.  (And I’m told that since IT Pros are the hardest folks to find, you’ll get the best gifts!)

If you’d like to be considered for the IT Pro User Panel, please complete this brief survey.

If you want to know more about Microsoft User Research overall, see the Microsoft User Research page.

Happy designers

Note: Microsoft full or part-time employees, vendors, or contingent employees are not eligible.  Sorry.

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