Why can’t I just use the desktop in Windows 8.1?


Well, you can.  In fact, my friend and coworker Jennelle Crothers explains it all for you in today’s article in our “Windows 8.1 for Business” blog series.  She writes…

Click here to find valuable Microsoft Evaluation Software“Ask anyone who uses a computer for every day work tasks, they might say that they LIVE on the desktop and can’t be bothered with the new modern start menu and interface of Windows 8.1. I’ll tell you that I also live on my desktop.”

“I use Outlook, Word, OneNote and Excel, Lync, LiveWriter and IE 11 for a crazy number of line of business applications for work.  For native apps, I tend to find myself in the PDF Reader or the native mail app to checking personal email. Most of the social media I consume I use apps for Twitter, Facebook and Yammer. I think the default full screens used by native apps are great for viewing and interacting with my friends, watching video and reading news.”

Make sure you check out her entire article, which includes tips on how to make it easier for you and the users you support to go directly to the ol’ familiar desktop.


This post is part of our March 2014 series of articles entitled “Windows 8.1 for Business” by you’re your Microsoft US IT Pro Technology Evangelists and guests. 
For the full list of articles in this series please visit the series landing page:

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