Windows 8.1 for Business: Series Wrap-up and Resources

Windows BlogWell.. Now that you’ve had a chance to take in all the great news (//Build) and new updates from Microsoft over the past couple of weeks, we thought it was finally time to wrap up our series for IT Pros entitled “Windows 8.1 for Business”.  For this final article of the series, I’m going to leave you with some useful resources that you should be watching and following regularly (other our blogs, of course).

The Build 2014 Site
Keynote and session recordings are available.  Whether or not you’re a developer, you’ll find some good information there.

The Windows Client page on TechNet
This is the starting point for all Windows client information that IT Pros will need to know.  “Presented by the Springboard Series for IT professionals, this site offers technical resources, free tools, and expert guidance to ease the deployment and management of your Windows client infrastructure.”

The Windows Blog
”Scaling Windows Phone, evolving Windows 8.”

The Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation
Get the 90-day free trial

The Springboard Series Blog
Well worth following, this blog is a great source of information on the latest and greatest.  For example, every IT Pro should read Ben Hunter’s excellent entry – “Windows 8.1 Update: The IT Pro Perspective

The Springboard Series Insider Newsletter
“Get the latest news, resources, tools, and guidance to help you deploy Windows 8.1, migrate from Windows XP or Windows Vista, and manage your existing Windows client infrastructures successfully—and with less effort.“

And of course, follow @msspringboard on Twitter.

“Anything else coming up, Kevin?”

I’ll see you in Houston May 12-15 for at TechEd!

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