Active Directory Domain Controllers in Azure? You bet! (Hybrid Cloud for IT Pros – Part 3)

The following article is part 3 of our many-part series, “Hybrid Cloud for IT Pros”.  Click HERE often for the ever-growing full list of articles in this series.

Active Directory Domain Services

“Hey Kevin, I’d like to take advantage of putting application servers up in a virtual network in Azure.  But I need a domain controller for my application to work.  Can I put one in my virtual network?”

Absolutely!  There’s no reason you can’t build a server, install AD Domain Services, and have it either as the new domain controller in a new forest, or as another domain controller in an existing forest – provided you can get to the other domain controllers through Site-to-Site VPN Gateway or ExpressRoute

As a matter of fact, in our current set of content for our US DX IT Camps happening across the country, our Hands-on-Labs have our guests using their own (or a trial) Azure subscription to create a network and then populate it with a Domain Controller (among other machines).  If you want to try out just building a Domain Controller on a virtual network in Azure, I suggest you run through at least the first two of our labs:

If you don’t already have an Azure subscription, sign up for a FREE TRIAL HERE and give the labs a try. 

Finding our series useful?  I hope so!  Feel free to share or ask anything you’d like in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Active Directory Domain Controllers in Azure? You bet! (Hybrid Cloud for IT Pros – Part 3)

  1. Is it possible to replace my on-premise AD DC with AD and a VM in Azure ? I have a client ask me this and I honestly don’t know. How do the clients join the Azure Domain ? How would they Authenticate ? The only documentation I can find is similar to your
    post here about a replica on Azure.


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