Lab 6 (Optional): An Ubuntu Linux VM in Azure (Jan-June 2015 Azure Hybrid Cloud IT Camps)

This post contains Lab 6 of the 5 labs created for our current set of US DX IT Camps.  Yeah.. this is one I just added for good measure.

The complete set of labs are listed here:

Optional Lab 6

Create a new Ubuntu Linux VM using the gallery

In this task, you will create a new Ubuntu Linux VM, and then configure it to be managed via Remote Desktop. The remote desktop phase will take some time, so you will verify it later.
Perform the following tasks in the Azure management portal.

1.                In the Azure management portal, click NEW.

2.                Click COMPUTE, click VIRTUAL MACHINE, and then click FROM GALLERY.

3.                In Choose an Image, click UBUNTU, click Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, and then click the Next arrow.

4.                Create a new virtual machine using the values in the following table, and then click the Next arrow.



5.                On the Virtual machine configuration page, in CLOUD SERVICE, select itcservice<ID>.

6.                In STORAGE ACCOUNT select itsstore<ID>.

7.                In ENDPOINTS, in ENTER OR SELECT A VALUE, select REMOTE DESKTOP, and then click the Next arrow.

8.                Click the Complete icon.

a.      The virtual machine will take a few minutes to create. Depending on the load this may take between 5 and 25 minutes. 

b.      Wait for the new virtual machine to finish before proceeding.

Connect to the new Linux VM using SSH and RDP

In this task, you will use a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to manage Linux01 and install both the desktop and RDP protocol server. This step can take upwards of 30 minutes due to installation times. You can choose to wait, or start the installation, move on, and then complete this step at a later time.
Perform the following tasks on your admin workstation.

1.                On your local workstation you’ll need some files from our file. 

a.      Using Internet Explorer, download and extract to your create an AzureManagement folder (either at the root of C:, or on your desktop).

b.      NOTE: The above URL is Case Sensitive!

2.                In AzureManagement, double-click PuTTY.exe.

3.                In Host Name (or IP address), type ITCService<ID>, and then click Open.

a.      <ID> is your unique id.

4.                In the PuTTY Security Alert dialog box, click Yes.

5.                Log on as AzureUser using Passw0rd! as the password.

a.      You are low logged on to your new Linux VM using SSH.

6.                Type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each one. This set of commands will add a desktop and enable RDP. Confirm each command as needed.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install Ubuntu-desktop

a.      Enter Y when prompted.

b.      This process will take up to 30 minutes or longer. You can allow this to run in the background and come back later. This VM will not be used again.

sudo apt-get install xrdp
sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp start

c.      This last command ensures the xRPD server is started, as it does not always automatically start.

7.                Now you should be able to go back to the Azure portal, select your Linux01 virtual machine, and connect to it using RDP.


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