Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now available in all US Azure Datacenter Regions

This just in…

Today, Microsoft has increased the number of datacenter regions that will support Azure Site Recovery.  Datacenter regions added:

  • Central US
  • East US2
  • North Central US, and
  • South Central US

“Cool.. but what is Azure Site Recovery?”

Ah.. in case you, like my friend here, don’t know; Azure Site Recovery is Microsoft’s “Disaster Recovery as-a-Service” (DRaaS) offering.  Think of it as a way to set up machines and services in Azure that are off but being kept up-to-date, plus the orchestration (in the form of a Recovery Plan) to automate planned or unplanned failover.  Your source machines could be hosted on physical boxes, virtualized (Hyper-V or VMware), or even in AWS or other Azure regions.. but keeping a copy of your machines up-to-date in the Azure cloud… just-in-case.

For more information on Azure Site Recovery, visit the Getting Started with DRaaS.

And for the official announcement about the new regions, check this Azure Blog announcement.

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