Hyper-V Nested Virtualization? In Windows 10?!

The title of this article was my reaction when I saw the news.  And I was even more excited when I read that I already have the Windows 10 Insider fast ring preview installed (build 10565) that will allow me to try it out!  Considering that my work machine I have installed it on (not usually recommended for production work.. but I’m stupid like that) is a Surface Pro 3 with limited disk space, I know I’ll have to use a USB 3-connected drive for hosting the VM disk/disks, but heck.. my first meeting today isn’t ‘til 1:30pm and I don’t feel like going to the gym.  …at least not when there are cool things to try like nesting Hyper-V virtual machines!

I hadn’t even tried Hyper-V with one VM on Windows 10 yet, so using an old DOS-installed (benefit: small hard disk) machine, I booted up my Duke Nukem demo.

..."And I'm all outta gum!"
Step one – Accomplished.  …But only after shutting down some other apps and watching the Explorer process die and restart.  (yeah.. I know.. “stupid like that”)

I think what I may have to do, in order to deal with the limited memory and disks resources I’m dealing with, is to create a VM running Hyper-V Server, and then run Duke as a VM inside that VM.  Geeky-cool.

I’m going to post this article now.  Watch this blog for my step-by-step on how (or if) I got my nested Hyper-V virtualization to work.  And if you’re curious, try it yourself…
The Virtualization Blog – Windows Insider Preview: Nested Virtualization

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