On Demand: The TechNet Virtual Conference 2016

TechNet Virtual Conference 2016What a week!  As I write this, it’s Friday March 4, 2016.. and my head is still spinning from all the terrific information I was able to take in during the March 1-3 Microsoft TechNet Virtual Conference 2016.  Several hours and sessions each day were devoted to topics that IT professionals and IT organizations care about, delivered by the biggest names in Microsoft Technology such as “Father of PowerShell” Jeffrey Snover, James Whittaker, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, Brad Sams, and a host of other IT Technology Evangelists and Product Managers.

Day 1 was all about the big tech picture.  We discussed where technology is is headed and what it means not only for business, but for humankind.  And we covered topics on job searching and on professional development.

Day 2 was “Windows! Windows! Windows!”.  Well.. I’m not sure if that was the official title, but it should have been.

And Day 3 was focused more on the datacenter and on the cloud.  We covered new and exiting capabilities coming in the next version of Windows Server (Windows Server 2016), technologies such as containerization and how you can use them in your datacenter and/or in the Azure cloud.  There was a great session on the new Microsoft Operations Management Suite, and on the latest in Azure fundamentals.  (And if you haven’t seen Azure recently, believe me, you haven’t seen Azure!)

“It sure sounds like it was awesome, Kevin.  I wish I could’ve seen it.”

Here’s the good news: You haven’t missed it!  The whole thing, and all of the recorded sessions plus the Q&A sessions are recorded and available on demand.  And if you want to continue participate in the conversation, you can use the hashtag #TechNetVC.

CLICK HERE to view and search through the list of recorded sessions.

TechNet Virtual Conference 2016

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