Kevin’s ‘New Day’ Video Diary – Part 1

Last week I was among the Microsoft employees, presenters, and evangelists who were fortunate enough to speak at launch events on behalf of the release of Windows Vista, 2007 Office, and Exchange Server 2007.  These events are definitely not anything like our usual TechNet Events.  We have a whole crew of workers handling check-in and AV, we have big back-drops, fancy video screens, and long rows of partner tables.  And we have hundreds of people coming to see what’s new and cool about these products.

Or maybe they’re coming for the free software.

“Gee… do you think?!”

Okay… well, in any case, the prospect was very exciting…. So much so that I thought it would be fun to bring my video camera and get some footage of what my week on the road sometimes looks like.  So I captured “the sights, the sounds, and the smells” of a real TechNet road warrior.

It was also a little first test of the built-in video capturing, editing, and rendering that is included in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

My first week of events were to Des Moines, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska.  And here is the video diary entry:
Video: Kevin’s “New Day” Video Diary – Part 1

Of Interest: This first version is being hosted on SoapBox on MSN Video. 

UPDATE: Here is a higher quality version using streamed video.

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s ‘New Day’ Video Diary – Part 1

  1. What a great road trip flick after a long day working in Vista and Office 2007 including Groove. I gave it 5 stars on Soapbox and added it to my favorites list.
    The video reminded me that there must only be one convention center design firm in America and that they all choose their carpet and chairs from single vendors.
    I love your use of tags both in the movie and on your post. I missed the Sex part of your video but that is probably for the best.
    When the end credits rolled you mentioned that you edited the video in Vista. I assume that you were using the Windows Movie Maker.
    I look forward to part 2. I also think this opens the door to a much greater use of video by the Microsoft Across America and other Microsoft Event Teams.


  2. Thanks!
    Yeah.. as you may have detected, there is very little sex happening in any of my posts that are tagged with sex.  I just happen to think sex is really nice.  But don’t go looking for it in my blogging.  
    I also use the violence tag now and then, too.  Now.. I’m not saying I like violence, but if there is someone out there who is looking for violence, I’d much rather have them stumble upon my blog than actually find violence… wouldn’t you?


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