We got your back… up

I’m sure many of you who have run into this problem will be glad to hear that there is a solution.  And the rest of you will be saying, “Oh… yeah.  I was just assuming it was going to work!”

Well.. if you were planning on doing a backup with XP on your computer prior to upgrading or installing a fresh copy of Windows Vista, and then using Backup to restore the files – you were going to be in for a nasty surprise: It won’t work.

“No?  I can’t restore?”

Nope.  Not, that is, unless you have THIS HERE NEW TOOL.  This is an installable version of the NT Backup/Restore utility that you can put on Windows Vista, so that you can restore that backup you created.

Please make sure you read the system requirements before you use it.  There are additional steps you have to take, such as enabling the Removable Storage Management feature.  The instructions are on the download page.

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