Small Business Summit, ‘Powered by Potential’

If you work in or for a small business, or are thinking of starting your own, you should really check out this 5 day event. 


Well.. for starters, it’s free.  And you could win prizes.


Not so fast, muffin-boy.  The true value of the event is the wealth of information, delivered to you by top experts in their field.  You’ll definitely recognize some of the names, and probably the products or amazing success stories they are known for.

“Great! Where is the event going to be?”

Where would you like it to be?

“In my basement office.”

You got it.  Actually, it’s an interesting animal as far as conferences go.  It’s live, and it’s on-line.  You can attend the event at a location near you (just enter your zip code to find a CompUSA or Regal Theater near you that’s participating), or you can attend entirely online in the comfort of your own bathrobe and basement office.

And on a purely selfish note – several people from my group at Microsoft (Microsoft Across America) are delivering many of the sessions.  So you know it’s gonna be good!   

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