Best of Questions and Answers for TechNet Webcast: Controlling of your SharePoint Server 2007 Sites with IT Governance

Webcast Registration Page Here are the “Best Of” the questions and answers from today’s TechNet Webcast: “TechNet Webcast: Controlling of Your SharePoint Server 2007 Sites with IT Governance (Level 200)”.

Special thanks to John Weston who came to help with the Q&A on the back end.  It is his work that this list represents.

And thanks to all who attended! 


PS – Here is my resource page for this webcast

Questions and Answers

“Are there any plans to fix the problems caused by installing Sharepoint 3.0 and Sharepoint Server 2007 on Small Business Server like Search in Sharepoint, Integration of Sharepoint and theSBS2003 Exchange 2003 and the upgrading of the SBS2003 CompanyWeb ?”

I know a new version of Small Business Server is planned, coming out soon after “Longhorn” Server (and based on that server platform).  I don’t know, though, if that specific issue will be addressed or what form the new CompanyWeb will take – though I would venture a guess to say that it will take advantage of the newest WSS or even features of MOSS 2007. 


“This link to DSK-109 appears not to work.”

Ah.. okay. It’s going live soon. (

I’ll e-mail the content team and see what the hold-up is. Check again every couple days.  It will be there eventually.

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