Kevin’s ‘New Day’ Video Diary – Part 3

Vista!  Vista!  Vista!

Part III – The Madison Wisconsin* Experience

This video contains action and commentary from the second half of my second week of “Launch” events for Microsoft Across America

*Absolutely no dairy cattle were harmed during the making of this video.
Video: Kevin’s “New Day” Video Diary – Part 3

Here is the streamable version, too.

Thanks Madison!  And thank you for the great Karaoke recommendation.  We had a blast on Thursday night!

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s ‘New Day’ Video Diary – Part 3

  1. As it says in the credits at the end of the video – I’m doing it entirely with the tools provided in Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.  The video capture, as well as using Windows Movie Maker to add titles, transitions, and do the final rendering.   It’s all out-of-the-box Vista. 🙂


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