Blog posting entirely by voice!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been really turned on to voice commands and speech recognition in Windows Vista.  In fact I’m so amazed by it that I decided to create this post entirely using my voice.

Several of my teammates have been doing demos of speech recognition in their live events.  I did the same thing yesterday at Dunwoody Institute here in Minneapolis.  Naturally, there’s always some clown in the room who decides to shout out “Format C: Enter!”.  (just kidding) It all started out with Chris Henley’s amazing screencast of his first experiences with speech recognition. 

In the past I was always curious about speech recognition, but whenever I tried it, I always found that it was still faster to type than to have to go back and correct mistakes that were made with the recognition process.  However, this is amazingly accurate.  In this paragraph, for example, I have only had to make one correction, and it is also very easy to do with your voice.  It’s simply a matter of speaking clearly, and it just works.  Just as it should.

Now, but let’s see if I can insert a picture.  I’m using Windows Live Writer.  Here we go…

This is my girl Amy.

Well, that took some doing.  But I was able to navigate around and make it work.  Worst case, I’m able to use the “mouse-grid” functionality that allows me to target a specific point on the screen, and then click it, double-click it, or even select and drag it.

I may never need to use my keyboard again.  Seriously, I might be able to work really fast using just my mouse and my voice.  I’ll take care of the more difficult tasks with a mouse, and enter any text using my voice.  I can select areas on the screen with my voice quickly, or rapidly select emails with a mouse and say delete to each one.  Wonderful!

Now let’s see if I can post this baby…

2 thoughts on “Blog posting entirely by voice!

  1. I’m impressed.
    You’ve motivated me to try it on my Vista box and then show others how they can do it on theirs.
    Looks like you are changing the world Kevin, one post at a time.


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