Longhorn – Windows Server Virtualization and Server Core

This is a really cool screencast – definitely worth sharing.  It shows off some exciting new technologies coming in the next version of Windows Server (still codename “Longhorn”). 

Can you say “8 core”?

“8 core?!”

I knew you could.  We’re showing off for the first time support for an 8 core virtual machine.  NOBODY else can do that. 


Last August I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Woolsey about Windows Server Virtualization for TechNet Radio.


Video: Longhorn – Windows Server Virtualization

3 thoughts on “Longhorn – Windows Server Virtualization and Server Core

  1. To server core or not to server core seems like a valid question. Especially when deciding to install


  2. although I am usually into matters of security, since I am also a management and technofreak, a colleague


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