Best of Questions and Answers for TechNet Webcast: Exchange Server 2007 Client Access and Web Services

Here are the “Best Of” the questions and answers from today’s TechNet Webcast: “Exchange Server 2007 Client Access and Web Services”.

Big thanks to John Weston and Harold Wong for assisting on the webcast by answering questions.  It’s their effort that this all represents.

And especially – thank you to all who attended! 


PS – Here is my resource page for this webcast

Questions and Answers:

“Can we download this webcast later just like the 24 hours exchange 2007 webcasts before?”
Yes. It will be available here within 24 hours:

“how to build high available CAS solution, which methods do we have?”
Please take a look at this “High Availability” article:

“Good morning, I’m looking for suggested guidelines for setting up OWA using CAS in a internal and perimeter (Internet-facing) scenario. How best to approximate an Exchange 2003 Front-End/Back-End setup?” is the good “Planning for Client Access Servers” article. It’s a good place to start.

“Orlando has an event this next week? Regal Cinemas? Can’t locate in on the Live Events site; not listed as a city for Florida.”
There are TechNet Events taking place in Miami (6/5) and Tampa (6/7) this coming week. Tech Ed 2007 is taking place in Orlando this coming week (6/4 – 6/8). (Plug:

“I clicked the TechEd link, and the web page came up as a #404. Can’t get to it.”
I’m not sure what link you are referring to, but the Tech Ed 2007
Home Page is here:
For TechNet Events go here:

“When we can get Russian language for unified messaging?”
Unfortunately, Russian is not one of the languages we support via UM today: I also don’t see it on the list for SP1. Sorry.

“Is the user experience better with Windows Mobile 6 Outlook than with Windows Mobile 5 and if the hardware vendor HP refuses to provide an upgrade can the user get an upgrade directly from Microsoft?”
Harold Wong Says:
“In my personal opinion, the WM6 experience is better than WM5. I’ve been using WM6 for the last year and don’t know how I would get along without some of the features that did not exist in WM5. In terms of WM6 OS upgrades directly from Microsoft, that will not happen. We do not provide these directly to the consumer / public. If you know where to search, you may find ‘bootleg’ copies that you can flash yourself. If you do this though, you will void any warranties and may render your device unusable.”

“Great presentation, but I think maybe I was expecting a little more along the lines of installation and configuration as opposed to exploring features and enhancements. Will there be another webcast for this?”

Have you looked at the “24 Hours of Exchange 2007” Webcast Series?
Harold Wong did a few sessions on Installing and Configuring Exchange 2007 along with the specific role configuration.

“Great, thanks Harold. That’s what I was looking for. Kevin, again, great presentation.”
You’re welcome!

“When is Harold coming back to Los Angeles to present more features of Exchange 2007?”
Harold Says:
“I don’t have anything planned currently. I will be in Reno in 2 weeks though. :-)”

“What is the recommended ratio of front-end (CAS) Processor Cores v’s Back-end mailbox Cores?”
Please look here:

“Is there a list of 3rd party vendors to connect legacy PBX to Exchange 2007 for UM?”
The two we have worked with the most are AudioCodes and Dialogic. Here is the link:

One thought on “Best of Questions and Answers for TechNet Webcast: Exchange Server 2007 Client Access and Web Services

  1. It would be nice if these could be avaialable for video download or rss feed for handheld media players.  I looked and didn’t see it, seen the audio.  Hopefully I just missed the video.


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