TechEd 2007 Diaries – Day 0 – Road to Orlando

Yeah baby!  Here we go!

I’m currently sitting at gate G19 at MSP, looking at my plane getting loaded up. 

I look around.  Geeks?  Yep.. there’s one.  Got that “I’m going to TechEd” look of boundless enthusiasm and wonder.  And I wonder, “Will that change once he sees how much walking he’s going to be doing in Orlando?”  Nah… he won’t have a problem with that.  And I’m looking forward to losing a few pounds as well.

“Are you kidding?  I hear that the food and snacks are endless at TechEd!”

Yes, but somehow I always manage to lose a few.  And this year I’m counting on it.

So.. the agenda for today:

Land in Orlando at around 11:45am (provided the storms in the area don’t delay the arrival).  Get rental, and head to the hotel.

Late afternoon – Go pick up John Baker (my team mate and roommate on this trip) at the airport.

Early evening – Go pick up Harold Wong (another teammate).

Late late evening – Go pick up Bryan Von Axelson (yet another teammate). 

That’s about it for today, other than taking a few more pictures and videos for this here journal.

“Hey Kevin.. you promised you’d post some photos from past TechEds!”

Yeah.. well, unfortunately my home server/media center had a power supply failure yesterday, so the photos are all redundantly saved on 2 hard disks… but the computer is dead until I get back from TechEd.  <sigh>  Stupid hardware problems….

2 thoughts on “TechEd 2007 Diaries – Day 0 – Road to Orlando

  1. Well, for those of us flying thru Miami the fun has just begun.  They cancelled the 300 passanger Aribus that I was taking to Orlando and everything else is fully booked thru tomorrow night.
    Thankfullyu there are rental cars still available.  So "driving in the rain" is the way the adventure begins.
    Hope you can get out of MSP (I got stuck there in february during that big winter storm).


  2. Wow, Jose!  Sorry to hear that!
    Thankfully we made it out just fine.  I was on a very early flight, so we got here before the storms.  (I’m already relaxing in my hotel room.)  Hopefully my teammates will be as fortunately – and hopefully you have a save and enjoyable drive!


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