Danger Will Robinson!

Looks like Lost in Space meets I, RobotGreetings all!

First off – if you’re wondering why the sudden silence after only two video diaries from TechEd, be assured that the rest are coming.  I got really busy at TechEd (go figure) recording Podcasts and having fun.  And then I had events plus a few days off the following week.  So, I fully intend to give you a few more belated video diary entries soon.  In the meantime, please check out the Podcasts I recorded for Virtual TechEd and TechNet Radio while I was there.

But now… I just had to post this because I really really want one of these.  Father’s Day has passed (and I had a very nice day), but my birthday is coming up really soon; so, start a collection now to help me to get my very own Robot B9 from the old TV Series “Lost In Space“.   Bill Mumy as Will Robinson

I learned about their availability from this blog entry in On 10.  

Sweet!  Only $24,500!  Okay.. yeah, I won’t be getting one any time soon.  But how cool would that be?!  I’m really geeking out over this today.  I have many fond memories as a 3-6 year old watching that show.  I didn’t want to be a policeman or fireman.  What I really wanted was to be Will Robinson.

UPDATE: Here’s photo evidence: My brother Paul is holding the toy B9 we got for Christmas in 1968.

Ah.. Christmas is fantastic when you're 5 years old!

 Click to see the full photo.  Thanks, Dad, for digitally scanning all those old family slides!

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