No AdminPak for Windows Vista

Just wanted to answer a question here that I and my team mates have received many times…

“What’s the status on a Server AdminPak version that will work on Windows Vista?  Are they going to have one soon?”

Initially, they were working on it.  However, the final word on the subject is: No.  Unfortunately not.

The recommendation is that you use Remote Administration (Terminal Services) to a server in order to do that work now.


This debate has been going on within Microsoft in various e-mail threads.  The final word was finally passed down from the group who are building a new tool to replace the AdminPak for running on Vista, and I have received their permission to repeat it here.  Here is the verbatim quote:

“The new feature with codename “Remote Server Administration Tools” (RSAT – Client) for managing WS08 from Vista SP1 Business, Enterprise and Ultimate will be released as an OOB component shortly after Vista SP1 RTM.  In the meantime, you can leverage the Admin Pack for managing WS03 servers remotely (Instructions Here:  The old Admin Pack will not work against WS08, though.”

2 thoughts on “No AdminPak for Windows Vista

  1. Two days ago I posted here about there not being an Admin Pack that will run on Windows Vista for administering


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