Questions (with Answers) from our Twin Cities TechNet Event

Yeah Baby! Greetings!

“Well.. if that photo doesn’t get you fired, Kevin… nothing will.”

Oh, I sincerely think there are worse things I could do.  And I will certainly NOT be trying to get myself fired anytime soon.

Anyway – I wanted to get these questions (and now ANSWERS!) up on my blog today.  These were asked of me last Thursday at our Minneapolis TechNet Event.

I always love speaking to the Minneapolis audience! …because they’re great “Minnesota Nice” people.  And also mainly because I LIVE here.  It’s a treat to get up out of your own bed before going to work now and then.

“Does IAG (Intelligent Application Gateway) 2007 support 2 factor authentication?”


“Simplified user experience with an easy to use, customizable SSL VPN portal defined by user identity, including multiple portal configurations. Single sign-on to multiple and custom directories (with integrated password management) and strong/two-factor authentication (such as SecurID and X.509) helps reduce the threat of password attacks.”

Check out the Secure Application Access with Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 and Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 page.

Also, you can download the IAG Technical Overview HERE.


“Tell me more about ‘Centro’?  Has anything been announced?”

No.  Nothing yet.


“What’s the tool that helps me with license compliance?  Is it in Configuration Manager?”

You may be thinking of the Software Inventory Analyzer.  It’s a free tool (with limitations) that can inventory up to 250 machines; and only for Microsoft product.s

But yes, the way a larger company would do it would be with System Center Essentials or System Center Configuration Manager.

If you’re interested in the licensing programs available, and ways to track and manage your purchase information online, check out this page.

That page also leads to a good page and resources all around Software Asset Management.

And for those of you running Windows NT or Windows 2000 Servers, here’s a good KB article on how the license tracking service works in those systems.


“What are the bandwidth requirements for System Center OM or Essentials for monitoring?”

You may want to look at the System Center Capacity Planner.  This is a free tool that will help you plan for your deployment given the resources you have and what it detects.. 

Here’s a good article I found on using the Capacity Planner.


“Is there an add-in to do Meeting Space on XP?”

No.  There is no such animal that I am able to find.  (That doesn’t mean that someone isn’t working on it secretly, though.)  I’m guessing that the reason for this is the fact that MeetingSpace  requires the underlying “People Near Me” locator service; and may even require the Vista implementation of the new TCP/IP stack, with native IPv6 (which MeetingSpace uses).


“What is the word on Terminal Services CALs (Client Access Licenses) in Windows Server 2008?  Do I need to upgrade the Windows Server 2003 CALs I’ve already purchased?”

This one I’m still checking on.  I don’t know if we’ve announced pricing on Windows Server 2008 TS CALs yet

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