Windows Live SkyDrive is RTW.

Windows Live SkyDrive

How would you like some free file storage space up on the Internet?  That’s what the new Windows Live service called “Windows Live SkyDrive” is all about. 

SkyDrive has been in beta for several months, and just the other day it was announced that it is RTW, or Released-To-Web.  And better than the 1 GB you got during the beta, you now get 5 GB of space available for you to do whatever you please with it. 

“What’s it cost?”

NOTE: Microsoft Salespeople – please stop reading at this point. 

Okay.. are they gone?  Good.  They hate it when I use this four-letter word:  F R E E.  Yep.  No cost.  Just use it. 

I like the idea of using this as a place to put bigger files that you need to share with someone.  If it’s too big to e-mail, you just put up on your hosted location, and grant access.  I’ll probably use it to start sharing my photos, though eventually I’ll use Windows Home Server to host those.  Or, someday hopefully, Flickr.  (Still hopeful)

You can go here for more information.  And here is the SkyDrive Team Blog.

“Sweet!  Any downsides, Kevin?”

The only thing I wish were different is that there is a limit on the file size you can upload.  Files have to be smaller than 50MB.  That isn’t enough, in my opinion. 

Have you tried it?  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Windows Live SkyDrive is RTW.

  1. Kevin,
    One of my good friends works on the Live team in Redmond, and he got me hooked on their new suite of products.  I like skydrive.  However, I think the file size limit is a big limitation.  Also, the inablility to add folders to skydrive is a downer.  I’ve held off moving all the data on several USB thumbdrives to skydrive for backup as I’d have to go file by file.  The "drag n drop" tool is nice feature upgrade.
    Personally, I think Foldershare ( is the tool to look out for.  I’ve set up all my machines to use foldershare so now I don’t have to worry where I work & save my docs.  I demo’d these to all my classes after returning from the MCT Summit.
    Integration between the two will be the key.  My Vision is that I could SEAMLESSLY add documents to folder share, sync them between my devices.  Then, once a day, my foldershare libraries are backed up to skydrive.


  2. What about an API?  I want to be able to create a webpart that exposes SkyDrive to my internal SharePoint Portal/My Sites.


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