Heroes Happen { here } Launch Video Diary 2 – Cleveland

Finally got my video footage I shot in Cleveland last Thursday edited and ready for showing off. 

Cleveland ROCKS!


3 thoughts on “Heroes Happen { here } Launch Video Diary 2 – Cleveland

  1. Hey Kevin – I enjoyed the Microsoft event in Columbus last week. Out of curiosity, what is the spec (memory/processor/disk space) of the laptop that you used for all the demonstrations? I’m trying to work out a good spec to do virtualization testing on a laptop.


  2. I was running (and really love) a Lenovo T61p.  
    64-bit Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
    Hyper-V role (of course), which requires you have and enable virtualization optimization in the BIOS.
    Intel Core2 Duo 2.2GHz
    I was running the OS on the disk in my 2nd bay, and the VMs were on the disk in the first bay.  That helps improve performance as well.
    And I’m really excited to do my next events in mid-April, because I upgraded my hyper-V and my guests to RC0, and the performance is even MORE AWESOME compared to beta hyper-v.  


  3. Thanks for the information. I was mostly wondering about the disk space as most laptop hard drives would probably have problems fitting all of those images on them – the second bay is pretty handy.


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