Kevin’s Windows Server 2008 Resources – IVNUA – May 2008

E-mail Technical Questions: Kevin Remde –

Feedback e-mail to my boss: Rich Russell–


Future Live, In-Person Event Information
TechNet (for IT Pros):
MSDN (for Software Developers):
Microsoft Across America:


$100-OFF TechNet Subscription Promotion –
Yes, save $100 off of any TechNet Plus Subscription!

Use Promotion Code TMSAM08 (that’s ZERO-8.  Think 2008) at

{ What’s New in Windows Server 2008 }

HEROES happen {here} –

Windows Server Web Site –

The Server Unleashed! –


Windows Server 2008 Reviewer’s Guide –


Top 10 Reason’s to Upgrade –


Active Directory Improvements –


Core Infrastructure Improvements –


High Availability –


High Performance Computing –


Virtualization and Consolidation (Hyper-V) –


Web and Application Platform Improvements –


Scripting with PowerShell


PowerShell Team Blog –


Microsoft TechNet Script Center –


Windows Server Division Blog –


Server Core Blog –


Windows Server 2008 Retail Pricing Announcement –


Windows Server 2008 Step-by-Step Guides –


Windows Server 2008 – Compare Server Roles (Roles available by Server Version) –

{ Virtualization and Your Infrastructure }

Microsoft Virtualization Home –


Infrastructure Optimization –


Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator


Hyper-V Virtualization and Consolidation –


Hyper-V TechNet TechCenter


Hyper-V FAQ


Installing Microsoft Hyper-V


Hyper-V Step-by-Step Guide


Video – Managing Hyper-V on Server Core


Virtualization WMI Providers (great for PowerShell Scripting!)


Virtualization Team Blog –


System Center – Your Platform {managed} –


System Center Virtual Machine Manager


Presentation Virtualization with Terminal Services


Terminal Services Gateway


Terminal Services RemoteApp


Terminal Services Web Access

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