Breaking News: Microsoft Essentials Server Solutions Announcements (Wanna know how much SBS 2008 will cost?)

Essentials Server SolutionsMultiply your power!  Today Microsoft announced newly available Public Previews, plus the pricing details, for Windows Essential Server Solutions.

“What is that?”

For those of you not aware of it – this is what we’re calling the options such as Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Essential Business Server 2008.  And today the company made previews available, as well as what the suggested retail pricing will be.

Here is the official announcement / press release.

“Okay.. I know what SBS is.. but what is EBS?”

This relatively new offering (formerly codename: “Centro”) is kinda like Small Business Server… but for bigger businesses.  It’s a long-neglected segment of the IT and business world.. companies that have more than 75 people… so Windows Small Business Server is not going to work for them.  But they aren’t quite large enough to take advantage of some of the great large enterprise-sized offers from Microsoft.  These shops typically don’t have a large team of IT folks; there’s just one or two people heroically struggling to maintain the IT infrastructure.  These businesses need a good product suite that fits well in their mid-sized organizations.

Click on these links:

“I’m not sure which one to choose!”

Here is a great chart to help you decide which solution will meet your needs the best.

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