TechEd Online is.. well… ONLINE!

Those of you who have followed my blog for more than 12 months already know what a HUGE FAN I am of the TechEd conference.  Since it began in 1993, I have only missed three TechEds.  And during my 4+ years as a Microsoft employee, it’s been a real treat to work at TechEd as well as attend.

“What will you be doing there this year, Kevin?”

This year I’m going on behalf of TechEd Online, during the TechEd IT Pro week (June 9-13, 2008) in Orlando, Florida.  Remember last year’s “Virtual TechEd”?  Well.. this year the name has changed.. but the mission is pretty much the same.  We’re bringing the TechEd experience to the world through online media – blogging, podcasting, and video interviews.  Again this year I will be one of the folks doing interviews; some audio and some video.

“What else will you be doing?”

As I mentioned yesterday, I hope to take a couple of certification exams while I’m there.  And I also plan on recording and sharing my own video diary creations again this year as well.  (This year in HD!  And using Silverlight streaming!)

So if you see me walking around with a camera or a microphone.. or perhaps a video crew following me around, please come up and say ‘hi’.  And if I don’t see you there, then I’ll see you online!

Will you be there?

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