Two things my youngest daughter loves: Music and Animals

Just for fun…

I’m on a “Cool Stuff” DL (distribution list) internally at Microsoft, where coworkers share cool things they find on the Internet or within the company.  Some of the “stuff” is business-related, but mostly the subjects range between the insanely-geeky to the just-plain-fun.  This one is the latter.

A “spec spot”  (speculative advertisement) was created for the Microsoft Zune.  “Music is Life.”  It’s GREAT!  I hope it, or one like it, eventually gets put on television.

My family owns three Zunes** – belonging to the three oldest (eldest?) of my four children.  My youngest girl, Laura, who also happens to be a fanatical animal lover, will be getting one for her 11th birthday.  (Don’t tell her!)  Combining these two facts, I thought it was interesting (and fun) to see this ad. 

Click here to visit the site and view the video.

I just hope Laura doesn’t actually try to resuscitate the dead mouse on the side of the path near our house.



**We used to have four Zunes, but I crushed mine in an unfortunate fitness center accident. <sigh>  My birthday is coming (hint hint)

3 thoughts on “Two things my youngest daughter loves: Music and Animals

  1. Hehehe… nice hint.  If all of my "Economic Stimulus" money isn’t spent by your birthday, I’ll consider it. šŸ™‚  Of course, you’ll need to disclose when that is.


  2. šŸ™‚  Thanks, Dave.
    Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the MNUCUG members at the meeting this Wednesday.


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