Hey bozo! You’re running out of time to save $100!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This promotion and promotion code have expired.
Please CLICK HERE for the most current promotion.

Bozo the Clown.  We didn't get Bozo on TV where I grew up, but I would watch him whenever we were at my Grandparent's place in Waukegan, IL.

“Who me?”

Yeah, I’m talking to you!  You’re a bozo** if you don’t already have a TechNet Subscription.  But here’s your chance to fix that…

May 31st, 2008 is fast approaching, and that’s the end of our current promotion on TechNet Subscriptions.

See this blog post for more details.. or go straight to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/subscription, sign up for a new subscription, and use promotion code TMSAM08 (That’s zero-eight.  Not the letter O.  Think of 2008.) and get $100 off! 

NOTE: this is only good on new subscriptions, and only for residents of the U.S. and Canada.

** Okay.. perhaps I shouldn’t call you a bozo.  That’s a little strong.  I apologize.  If you don’t want to have lots of non-timeout evaluation software and free training and support calls and TechNet Magazine and… well, that’s your own business.  I’m sorry I called you a bozo.  Can we still be friends?  [hug]

So.. what about you?  Are you already a subscriber?  If you are – what do you like best about your TechNet Subscription?  Is it all the software?  The free eLearning courses?  Two free Microsoft support calls?  TechNet Magazine?  Special support forums for your use?  Early access to Betas, CTPs and Release Candidate software?

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