Kevin’s TechEd Video Diaries – Bonus Reel

Dear Video Diary,

Yeah.. I know I said that the last one was the LAST one.. but I decided to take my entire 16 minutes of wandering around the Exhibit Hall and speed it up to fit in just over 3.5 minutes.  Maybe I’m alone in this (let me know), but I think it’s fun to watch it all go by quickly.. get a glimpse of all the vendors and people there.  And if you were also at TechEd, maybe you’ll see yourself!

Here’s the video:


“Hey Kevin.. what was that music?”

That was Carl Remde (yes.. he’s a relation.  He’s my baby brother.)  As mentioned in an early blog post – he has an album called Explanation Point.  The track in the video is called “At the Club

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